Phishing Prevention Services
For Every Sector:

The Best Defense,
Is A Good Offense.

Defend your networks against phishing attempts with our custom offensive AI-based simulations and training. Our mission to help as many companies as we can to fortify their defenses, that's why we serve the sectors listed below.

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Small/Large Business


Strengthen your business's defenses with AI-backed phishing simulations and employee training.

  • Customize phishing scenarios relevant to your business operations
  • Access real-time threat intelligence to stay ahead of attackers
  • Interactive and engaging training programs for staff at all levels
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Education: K-12 & Universities


Equip your educational institutions with the tools to prevent phishing.

  • Design campaigns suitable for both staff and students
  • Implement ongoing phishing awareness programs for constant vigilance
  • Utilize AI to provide current and emerging threat information
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Fortify governmental systems with preemptive phishing defenses and comprehensive training.

  • Receive tailored phishing scenarios mirroring real-world governmental threats
  • Benefit from rapid threat updates and adaptive learning experiences management
  • Cultivate a culture of security among employees through regular training
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AI Powered Phishing Defense

Proactively arm your organization against sophisticated phishing attacks with advanced AI technology.

Robust Protection

Safeguard all users with continuous phishing simulations and immediate threat alerts.

Reduced Risk

Diminish the chances of phishing breaches with specialized training and simulations.

Heightened Awareness

Enhance vigilance with interactive tools that train users to recognize and avoid phishing attempts.

Cutting-edge Training

Stay ahead of attackers with regularly updated educational content and simulated phishing scenarios.

Automated Simulations

Effortlessly run phishing campaign simulations with our AI platform, making training seamless and hassle-free.

Comprehensive Support

Gain access to continuous support to ensure your anti-phishing measures are always at peak performance.

Automated Maintenance

Automatically schedule, monitor and maintain Windows laptops and desktops to keep them running smoothly.

For an investment of merely $2.50 cents a user per month, safeguard your organization's data and reputation.

Take the first step towards robust phishing prevention with a no-commitment, 7-Day Free Trial.

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