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Phishing Prevention Metrics

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Elevate your organization’s phishing defense strategy by measuring the effectiveness of your phishing prevention campaigns. PredictModel delivers insight into crucial campaign metrics, empowering you to enhance your training effectiveness continuously.

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Dashboard Insight:

Email Sent & Opened

Understand the reach and engagement of your phishing prevention campaigns.

  • Gauge campaign effectiveness through email open rates.
  • Track sent emails to ensure they are reaching intended recipients.

Interactive Metrics:

Opened Link & Submitted Data

Measure how recipients interact with your phishing simulations.

  • Identify how many targeted users click through phishing links.
  • Assess the risk level by monitoring data submission rates.

Proactive Engagement:

Email Reported

Encourage and track proactive defense actions from users.

  • Monitor the number of phishing attempts reported by users.
  • Cultivate a culture of vigilance and proactive reporting.
  • Implement continuous training on identifying and reacting to potential threats.

Comprehensive Metrics Overview

Dive deep into campaign data to fine-tune your phishing defense.

Engagement Tracking

Measure user interaction to identify training opportunities.

Behavioral Insights

Leverage data to understand and adjust to user behavior.

Actionable Intelligence

Utilize actionable metrics to reinforce your phishing defense mechanism.

Empower your organization with metrics & unparalleled phishing defense for just $2.50 per user, per month.

Elevate your cybersecurity strategy by connecting with us for a detailed insight into our predictive models and training effectiveness.

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